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Listed in alphabetical order

Adventures in Hi-Fi

Great website featuring interesting articles I find entertaining

Calvin's Audio Page

Countless clever circuit ideas

Cordell Audio

I like Bob's book very much. He is also very active on the DIY Audio forums.

Data Odyssey

Edmond Stuart's website

DIY Audio

A great place where experienced audio enthusiasts share their ideas and knowledge.


Chris Russel's website

Ian Hegglun's Google Drive

This looks like a super useful collection of articles and resources. I haven't read any of them, but plan to do so.

John Broskie's Tube CAD Journal

Welcome to over 500 posts and to over 50 articles on amplifiers, tube-based preamps, crossovers, headphone amplifiers, single-ended amplifiers, push-pull amplifiers, Circlotron circuit design, hybrid amplifiers, cascode circuits, White cathode followers, grounded-cathode amplifiers, tube series regulators and shunt regulators, the Aikido amplifier, tranformer coupling, DACs and tubes - and hundreds of vacuum tube circuits that use 6SN7s to 300Bs, all explained in careful detail.

Keantoken's website

Website by DIY Audio member Keantoken. I like his power supply rail filter very much.

Linear Audio

Jan Didden's website

Linear Audio Magazine

Jan Didden's magazine. Haven't read it yet, but believe it is excellent

Renardson Audio

Haven't read much of this, but it seems interesting


Seems like another Edmond Stuart website

Walt Jung

Collection of his ebooks, resources for CFAs, references and regulators


Listed without any order

Spice models by Bob Cordell

Spice models from Bob Cordell are well respected in the audio community. I use them almost exclusively for simulating my designs.

FFT using LTSpice

This small wiki describes the best setup to simulate FFT with LTSpice

LTSpice convergence issues

This guide has helped me a lot identifying and solving any convergence issues without resorting to hacks.

Undocumented LTSpice

Some of this may be very helpful.